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Our next club shoot will be on Sunday, 2021-03-07.  For more information visit the News page


Place your teks apparel now before 12 March 2021, Kiddies Golf shirts - R450, Golf shirts - R550, Jackets - R900, Gun Cover - R300, Cleaning mats - R150, Dust Cover - R250, Caps embroidered - R100, Caps 3D embroidered - R120



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Upcoming Events

2021-03-06 - MPSA HG/PCC League #1
2021-03-07 - Club shoot #2
2021-03-13 - Extravaganza Shotgun - Vector Shooting Range
2021-03-27/28 - Club shoot #3
2021-04-10 - MPSA HG/PCC League #2

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Extravaganza Shotgun shoot added
Results Special handgun shoot added

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